Fallen Children

Fallen Children

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The awful evil takes place and we still cannot seem to muster the courage needed for change. What seems so obvious to make changes, is so hard to turn into a positive step forward. I call these ultimate evil events. Ones that make all cry out for change, but leaders afraid to bring them about. Small innocent children now suffer. Youth plagued by evil and ignored instead of help they need. So many wrong things, and not one positive step forward, or the courage to make that change. I have not the answers, I only know this problem is not going away, and only is getting worse, and what will make us listen? Is it the day our own family suffer this awful thing to one of our own. I surely pray not. I know taking away a right, is not the answer, it has to be more. See something say something. Whatever the answer it has one element we need to make. The courage to make the changes to protect our children or any loved one.

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